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just finished dRoNeLaB kit from CasperElectronics…\

took 6 hours of constant work…it was not to difficult but

very tedious.,.///

here a gallery of the circuit board getting populated by components,….

drilling for housing..

and here the finished piece…

and first sound tests….not edited sorry…

looks beautiful and sounds awsome….i love the fine tuned controls…potentiometers work through all their range…coarse and fine pitch is perfect…

i love the extra patching holes on each point of the circuit  makes it easy to modify…you can tell the heart of a bender is behind this kit…

i can only say thanks again to Pete and the crew for such a good kit….


One Comment

  1. Here’s a pretty cool circuit bending project that you might enjoy. It’s a circuit bent keyboard mounted inside a rubber rain boot!

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