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This was actually my first succesful bent circuit, before that i burnt a couple toys on the process of bending (never knowing when to stop i guess).

bent PT-87

i don’t have at the moment my notes and diagrams to share (i’m on my annual missouri vacations), but i will defentley update this post in the future with them when i’m back on the base in Bcn…

what does what

and here is a video:



  1. sweet. ive got a 87 and wondered what your bend points were

  2. How does one do this!?
    Where to start?
    where to stop!?

    I have a pt87 but i cant find the cool points!

  3. Hey I am currently trying to bend this keyboard. Found a few points but was wondering if you could share your notes or anything. 🙂 Thanks

  4. I just found a pt-87 for $2.50 but a resistor is burnt and the tune trimmer is broken. do you know what parts i need, or do you have a detailed picture of the inside so i can find the right resistor? if you have the keys facing down and toward your self its the 2nd from the right side. the writing under it is burnt too.

    • hi xavier…i opened my old pt87 to take some pics of the area you need i can tell you the 2nd resistor is brown black…1k resistor…if im not wrong…then the trimmer is referenced on the board as 20k and on the actual trimmer says 303 Y(some reference number..can’t tell you the manufacturer but iam sure any 20 k pot will work…..and hey anyway an out the case control for the pitch is allways a great idea eh……so there you go …you have now the info to resurrect your frankestein….

      hope it help… i will be uploading the images on the blog too…asap… 9volts

  5. Where these images? also have you ever came across a MT-68 found one for 7.99 and fixed it up, if so do you have any notes?

  6. Hey man, I’m thinking of getting one of these. I’ve had some hard times while bending a couple of other boards, could you tell me some areas to stay away from while bending? I can usually find some good bends, but it seems like I always short out the board and fry it.

  7. Hey i might get one of these keyboards if you have any diagrams or pictures to post that would be greatly appreciated.

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