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Monthly Archives: July 2007

5 oscillators synth

this is a five oscillators synth made with a single 74c14 hex schmit trigger, where all the outputs are mixed with diodes…. each oscillator can be controlled with 100k faders and momentaneous triggering or on/off switch……i will post later a little schematic drawing for this circuit….

this is a schematic of 74c14 internal structure:

74c14 internal structure

and here is the diagram:

mini synth_schematics SMALL

note the outputs are all mixed with DIODES wich make sounds transform each other in the wonderfull random way we like….

higer capacitor values will result in slower oscillating beat like beeps, while lower will be faster constant tone sounds…

with the 100k pots (faders in my design) the pitch can be adjusted for each oscillator.

PD: the LEDS showing the status of each oscillator hadn’t been tested yet, so they can be eliminated without altering the circuit functionallity

This Design is a simple variation of the basic schematic found in the wonderfull book:

Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking
by Nicolas Collins

I extremlly recomend to get your own copy of this incredible bible of electronic gadgets